Intermediate Pole Courses

All our pole courses run for 8 weeks and are taught progressively so that students will develop the skills & strength to perfect new pole tricks weekly.

Intermediate One: Having mastered your straddle invert, you will be working on how to spin around the pole with greater ease and learn how to master longer combinations of tricks and challenge yourself with dance routine that you will build on weekly. You will start to really strengthen & tone your core muscles and focus on flexibility when executing your pole tricks.

Pre Requisities: Straddle Invert & Pole Climb to mount

Intermediate Two: Time to get serious! Starting taking your pole tricks up the pole and focus on honing your pole skills in your transitions and combos. You will begin to see real progression in your core & upper body strength to be able to pull yourself off the ground effortlessly. You will become more body aware and be able to use the pole more effectively.

What Our Students Say

Pole dancing: is an endurance of strength and flexibility of body and mind

An expression of emotion, storytelling and self growth

Its confidence and flare that flows and is captivating.

Passion of love and acceptance of yourself and your body..

A wild fire that ignites the soul.


Taking the leap to try pole dancing classes with Soul helped me discover my passion for exercise and movement through dance. It’s been almost three years since my first class and I’m now fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been! The studio owners an instructors have created a family in Soul that is warm and welcoming to people of all abilities and walks of life.


Soul Reservoir provided me with a safe and fun environment to get started on achieving my fitness goals. Within the span of their 8 week Beginner One course I noticed that I had really attuned to my core and bicep muscles. It also allowed me to discover muscles that I had never had the opportunity to work on previously! I am so pleased with the results that Soul Reservoirs teachers have provided me with and do plan on continuing until I am a Pole Queen… maybe not even then!


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