For Beginners:

I’ve never tried pole dancing before, where do I start?

We would recommend you start with our Beginner 1 pole course, a course will run for 8 weeks and you will learn the fundamentals of pole in a guided 1 hour class a week. Contact us to find out Beginner 1 pole course times or head to our timetable page.

What do I need to wear?

For pole dancing classes we would recommend shorts, runners for the warm-up & heels for the rest of class. Heels are not mandatory, but most people do find pole dancing easier in them. Heels that strap around the ankle are best.

For all our support classes that don’t involve the pole, comfortable active wear is suitable.

I am attending my first class, what do I need to know?

The most important thing you need to know is that pole dancing is fun & challenging, but your body will thank you for it. Please arrive 10 minutes early so you can fill in our registration form and we can get to know you.

All classes must be booked in advance to ensure there’s a spot for you. If you need help booking a class, please contact the studio.

All about our classes:

How many people are there in each class?

Classes sizes depend on the class type you’re doing. We guarantee one pole per person. Classes can range in size from 7-15 depending on location and class.

High intensity workout classes run for 45 minutes whereas pole dancing classes and courses run for one hour at a time.

How often should I attend classes?

Pole dancing is like any other fitness workout. If you’re only doing it once per week, you’re not going to get amazing results as fast as you want. The best way to get better at pole dancing is to train more often. Our Term Pack options give you access to more classes weekly at reasonable prices.

We would recommend a minimum of 3 sessions per week and this could be broken up in different ways. For example, you could do 2 pole dancing courses in a term and 1 stretch class or break it up with one pole dancing course, one workout/dance class and one stretch class. There are many options available and we can help you work out what’s best for you.

My class is booked out, what should I do?

We recommend you book classes early as classes will get booked out due to our small class sizes. If a class is booked out, we would recommend adding yourself to the waitlist. Students may also early cancel (5 hours before the class time) out of classes in order to not be charged, freeing up space for others. If this happens, you will receive an email notification in the order of who joined the waitlist first and should you accept, you will be granted a spot in the class.


Can I pay by installments? Do I have to pay upfront for my classes?

Yes we do! Direct debit is available for Term Packs only, we do not have direct debit options for singular services.

When do my classes/courses expire?

See our pricing page for relevant expiry dates.


If I can’t make my class, will I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for change of mind however, if you provide at least 5 hours notice for any class we can return your class to your Soul account to use at another time. If you miss a class in a course, you can arrange a ‘make up’ class yourself via your online account providing you have early cancelled out of the class you missed. Anything less than 5 hours’ notice is counted as a used class. All make up classes need to be scheduled within the same term otherwise they will expire.

What if my class gets cancelled?

Courses and classes require a minimum of 3 bookings to run.

Courses are confirmed during the first week of term and can sometimes be left to the day it’s scheduled to start just to allow for late bookers. You will receive a phone call, text or email if your course gets cancelled and will be given the option to move to another day & time or receive a full refund.

Casual classes are confirmed by 5pm on the day Mon-Thurs. Classes running Fri-Sun are confirmed the night before usually by 9.30pm. We send auto-email notifications(if you have opted in to receive notifications) from MindBody for cancelled casual classes. In addition, we recommend you download the MindBody app and check your schedule before heading in to the studio.

What if I can’t make one of scheduled classes?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way so don’t worry! You can early cancel yourself from any class via the Mindbody app, online via our website or you can give us a call & we’ll do it for you. As long as you provide more than 5 hours’ notice before the class you’re going to miss, you will be able to book into another class at any time within the same term. You can use a make up class on another course similar to yours, any level lower or even on any casual class so there’s loads of options!

Just make sure you book all your classes before the term ends otherwise, they will expire.

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