Casual Classes

We offer a range of casual classes to suit everyone’s pole, dance & fitness goals. All of our casual classes are beginner friendly, so come give a class a go and do something for you!

Pole & Dance

Strength & Conditioning


Pole’ography: 1 hour dance class with choreography
Urban Dance: 1 hour dance class  influenced by the rhythms and techniques of various dance styles
Dance Tech: 1 hour class focusing on techniques & fundamentals of dance floor work. All levels of experience welcome
Strength & Tone: 45 min strength & conditioning for the whole body. No previous fitness experience needed.
HIIT Fit: 30 min class which is a great way to burn fat and build muscle through short high-intensity intervals coupled with less-intense rest periods
Stretch: 1 hour class on flexibility through strength, active & passive flexibility, no experience needed
Pole Tricks: 1 hour class to work on pole tricks & building stamina by adding them into pole combos
Pilates: 1 hour class focusing on balance, strength, mobility and physical awareness. Pilates will improve your flexibility through correct body alignment, breathing, lengthening and strengthening your muscles.

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