Pole Courses (8 weeks):

Beginner One: No experience necessary, our beginner pole course is designed for anyone with no prior pole dance or fitness experience. The class will start with a warm up & some strengthening drills. Then you will get to learn some fundamental pole tricks and how to control your body through spins & build confidence and strength. We will teach you how to put these pole tricks into combinations and put them to music with a new routine each week. The last 5 minutes will be dedicated to a guided cool down and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Beginner Two: You would have completed Beginner 1 and in this pole course you will continue to build upon the fundamentals, gain the strength and confidence to start to go upside down on the pole. We will continue working on building upper body strength to lift yourself off the ground and building control & fluidity in your pole spins. You will continue putting your tricks into a new routine weekly and focus on choreography and becoming more comfortable mastering dance fundamentals.

Intermediate One: Having mastered your straddle invert, you will be working on how to spin around the pole with greater ease and learn how to master longer combinations of tricks and challenge yourself with dance routine that you will build on weekly. You will start to really strengthen & tone your core muscles and focus on flexibility when executing your pole tricks.

Pre Requisities: Straddle Invert & Pole Climb to mount

Intermediate Two: Time to get serious! Starting taking your pole tricks up the pole and focus on honing your pole skills in your transitions and combos. You will begin to see real progression in your core & upper body strength to be able to pull yourself off the ground effortlessly. You will become more body aware and be able to use the pole more effectively.

Advanced One: Get strong, fit and defy gravity in Advanced 1! Learn new pole tricks that focus on power and flexibility. Challenge yourself to longer spins on the pole and achieving these combos in your routine with pointed toes! Gaining a greater amount of stamina & strength whilst discovering your own style of pole.

Pre Requisities: Aerial Straddle & Outside Leg Hook

Advanced Two: Achieve effortless movement through your pole tricks & transitions as you prepare to join the big leagues! Refine your technique on the pole and perfect your Term routine. Ensure your pole fundamentals are solid and you have the strength, flexibility & ability to do your tricks on both sides when necessary.

Pre Requisities: Shoulder Mount, True Grip Ayesha & Extended Butterfly

Elite: You’re the boss!! Learn the new ‘in’ tricks from the pole world and stay up to date with the latest trends in our community. You will continue to expand on your pole fundamentals and tricks transition techniques to achieve cleaner lines & a stronger pole foundation.

Pre Requisities: Brass Monkey, Ragdoll & Handsprings

Casual Classes:

Pole’ography: 1 hour dance class with choreography
Urban Dance: 1 hour dance class  influenced by the rhythms and techniques of various dance styles
Dance Tech: 1 hour class focusing on techniques & fundamentals of dance floor work. All levels of experience welcome
Strength & Tone: 45 min strength & conditioning for the whole body. No previous fitness experience needed.
HIIT Fit: 30 min class which is a great way to burn fat and build muscle through short high-intensity intervals coupled with less-intense rest periods
Stretch: 1 hour class on flexibility through strength, active & passive flexibility, no experience needed
Pole Tricks: 1 hour class to work on pole tricks & building stamina by adding them into pole combos
Pilates: 1 hour class focusing on balance, strength, mobility and physical awareness. Pilates will improve your flexibility through correct body alignment, breathing, lengthening and strengthening your muscles.

Privates: One on one class that is tailored to your individual needs. You can work on pole tricks, a routine or even your flexibility.

Practice Sessions

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