Beginner Pole Courses

All our pole courses run for 8 weeks and are taught progressively so that students will develop the skills & strength to perfect new pole tricks weekly.

Beginner One: No experience necessary, our beginner pole course is designed for anyone with no prior pole dance or fitness experience. The class will start with a warm up & some strengthening drills. Then you will get to learn some fundamental pole tricks and how to control your body through spins & build confidence and strength. We will teach you how to put these pole tricks into combinations and put them to music with a new routine each week. The last 5 minutes will be dedicated to a guided cool down and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Beginner Two: You would have completed Beginner 1 and in this pole course you will continue to build upon the fundamentals, gain the strength and confidence to start to go upside down on the pole. We will continue working on building upper body strength to lift yourself off the ground and building control & fluidity in your pole spins. You will continue putting your tricks into a new routine weekly and focus on choreography and becoming more comfortable mastering dance fundamentals.

What Our Students Say

Soul Greensborough is my second home, the place where I found my passion and the place I’m always welcome.”

Bianca E

As someone who has always hated exercise and has felt self conscious, the team and students at Soul have helped me to enjoy myself, build strength and most importantly to feel comfortable not just in myself but in trying new and challenging things”

Kim L

Best thing I ever did! I booked my first pole class about a year ago and never looked back. This is the only form of exercise that I have been consistent with and absolutely love. The instructors and students are all beautiful and supportive and coming to classes really makes my whole week better. Thank you Soul family!

Jess R

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