Advanced & Elite Pole Courses

All our pole courses run for 8 weeks and are taught progressively so that students will develop the skills & strength to perfect new pole tricks weekly.

Advanced One: Get strong, fit and defy gravity in Advanced 1! Learn new pole tricks that focus on power and flexibility. Challenge yourself to longer spins on the pole and achieving these combos in your routine with pointed toes! Gaining a greater amount of stamina & strength whilst discovering your own style of pole.

Pre Requisities: Aerial Straddle & Outside Leg Hook

Advanced Two: Achieve effortless movement through your pole tricks & transitions as you prepare to join the big leagues! Refine your technique on the pole and perfect your Term routine. Ensure your pole fundamentals are solid and you have the strength, flexibility & ability to do your tricks on both sides when necessary.

Pre Requisities: Shoulder Mount, True Grip Ayesha & Extended Butterfly

Elite: You’re the boss!! Learn the new ‘in’ tricks from the pole world and stay up to date with the latest trends in our community. You will continue to expand on your pole fundamentals and tricks transition techniques to achieve cleaner lines & a stronger pole foundation.

Pre Requisities: Brass Monkey, Ragdoll & Handsprings

What People Say

I have never been a fan of sports or even going to the gym but when I began pole dancing at Reservoir Soul my view on fitness completely changed. Pole dancing was an amazing way for me to get fit and not even feel like I was working out. The whole Soul community, both teachers and students are all so friendly and welcoming. When you complete your first semester comparing your last class to your first you feel like you’ve achieved the impossible!


This year was a year of change for me, for the last few years I haven’t felt like I knew myself, and was always thinking negatively about my body and who I was, I always wanted to try Pole fitness for as long as I can remember and I’m so glad I found Soul Reservoir right near home and was able to experience this atmosphere with such amazing teachers and pole sisters, I absolutely love going to every class and learning all there is to know about the way your body can move improving every class and dancing my heart out with all the unique individuals. It has helped me feel confident with myself and comfortable in my own skin and I’m actually seeing a change in my emotions as well as my movement and fitness, I haven’t felt this happy with myself in so long and I hope to continue pole with all these amazing people for a long time to come.


Soul feels like being part of a family. Having been a student there for almost 2 years, it has been a truly rewarding experience. What I expected was a fun way to exercise, and I got that and so much more. I found support and encouragement, an environment that is inclusive of everyone. Not only have I gained strength and flexibility, I’ve learned to love my body and have gained the confidence to put myself out there. Getting the opportunity to compete this year as an amateur was an incredible experience I never dreamed I would have, and I received amazing support from the teachers and students at Soul. I’m the happiest and fittest I’ve ever been, and I love the challenge and freedom of learning new dances and tricks every week. Cannot recommend it enough! Just give it a try and dance your soul out!


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